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Pete and Kim Kemp reaching out to the Native Americans of Arizona for Christ



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NEWS: It is easy to see evil around us and be discouraged but I want to tell you that GOD is doing some amazing things! He is working in the lives of many people around us and it is exciting to see! Before COVID we had more children attending WMACC than adults. These children would attend without a parent or guardian. Although we loved having a building full of kids, I often asked myself, "Am I really teaching these kids about God or am I merely doing crowd control?" Much changed after COVID everywhere. We were not able to use the school bus for transportation for two years and that really cut down our kid attendance. On the other hand, it increased the amount of families who started attended. It is a beautiful site on Sunday mornings to witness whole families walk up to the offering box and place their offering in. In addition, God is moving in our neighborhood. He is pursuing some of our neighbors and they are seeking Him! It is awesome to be a small part of what HE is doing at home.

PRAYERS: We praise God for the ways He continues to mature the congregation at WMACC. We praise Him for all He provides and for the health we enjoy. Praying that we as leaders and followers allow the Holy Spirit to help us fight the spiritual battles. Praying that we continue to evaluate and change what needs changing! Praying for this country and the upcoming election. Praying for the church as a whole that we are willing to live differently than the world otherwise why would the world want to know God!

THY WILL MINISTRIES: If you have never met us, we are Pete, Kim and Butterfly Kemp. We have been serving the LORD full time since 1998. We love the Apache people God has called us to as our own and are blessed to be called family by many of them. We seek to share life and faith with our Apache friends so that they may come to know God as their source for everything. We continually seek any and every avenue for presenting the Gospel. We are part of a team that started the first Christian Church on the White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation. We have been holding services since June of 2004. GOD has blessed us in more ways than we have room to share! We have been privileged to raise a beautiful Apache girl named Butterfly since she was a baby. She became a Kemp in 2017. Butterfly turned 15 in May and looks much older than that. It is so hard to imagine she is in high school. Being kids at heart Pete and I enjoy learning and growing with Butterfly. We consider it a privilege to share life with her and take very serious the job as parents to teach her the Word and more importantly, by example, how to live out God's Word. She is already a huge impact on her native people and we rejoice in that!


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